T.H.I.N.K. - before you speak, type or text

Mean tweets are everywhere. It seems as if we feel we have a right to say whatever we want and post it for all to see. As I was listening to the Morning Mash Up on XM radio I was inspired by Nicole, Rich, Ryan and Stanley talking about how[...]

Mean Tweets

 I love this quote by Mr. Tim McGraw, “Anything that you do is peppered with doubt and it’s also peppered with belief. What you have to do is not let the doubt win.”  This is so true, isn’t it. How many times have we been there? Been right where we could see[...]

Changing Doubt To Belief

One of my favorite days! As boys, men, ladies, and girls flood their social media sites with #WCW (women crush Wednesday) I get the opportunity to spot light women I feel are making a change in the world, and all for the better. I am super excited about those ladies[...]

#WCW (Women Changing Wednesday)

Everyone gets excited on twitter for hashtags and especially #MCM (man crush Monday) and #WCW (woman crush Wednesday).Sometimes I laugh and giggle about what people tweet or pictures people put up. It is a great day to lay it all out there. I’ve decided I am going to change it up[...]

#WCW ~ Women Changing Wednesdays

Getting ready to hit the trail with members of the @zoomracingusa at the @runkeysports social.

  Sometimes finding your confidence or even building your confidence can be hard. People turn to social media for inspiration and help. Sometimes things end up good, and sometimes not so good. We have to be careful and research and protect ourselves in a social media driven society.  Social media[...]

Building Your Confidence